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ᄌ헤 라이 ybz(소녀시대)

oh la la la.. la la la.. ohwooo ohwoo.. pffftt

kung hei fat choi..

kung hei fat choi..

im wondering kung cnu sa mga classmate ko ang nagreview sa —- at ngmemorize ng 87articles.. LOL.. chapter 1-10? are you kidding me maam? YOU SUCK!! errr.. kung 5 chapters pa yan mgrereview kmi.. wala p nga sa kalahati nadidiscuss ee.. haisttt.. such a boring subject!!


During an interview, KoN said, “Schlomo and Carmen are lovers in the show, there is a kissing scene. It’s the first time handling a piece with kissing scene, whenever I am doing it I still feel awkward and embarrassed.

Since Tiffany has many SNSD fans, I told her, ‘Acting together with you…



  • Daughter: dad I'm a lesbian
  • Dad: it's cool
  • Second daughter: dad I'm a lesbian too
  • Dad: Christ, doesn't anyone in this family love cock?
  • Son: I do

biglang gusto kong pakasalan c YONGHWA» aisstttt…. bukeet?? hmmm ang gwapo nmn kciii..

impeachment!! impeachment!! wat ever.. like i care duh?? 

proud to be S♥NE

proud to be S♥NE


I love how Kyungsan cries whenever Fany goes near him, yet Tiffany is the most concerned one and does everything she can for him to stop crying.

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